Friday, December 12, 2008


Wow, we are getting a lot of phone calls for Chanel jewelry today. Everyone shopping at the store is buying vintage Chanel costume jewelry, too. We are going to run out soon. Sorry, we didn't post these sooner, but it's just been busy. Don't you think it's been worth the wait? These two metal dore necklaces are unusual Chanel offerings.
The first necklace has three rows of various shaped rings. It's a little punk rock, don't you think? If Sid Vicious were gonna rock Chanel, it would be this necklace. The second necklace is composed of two strands of Chanel gold chains with sporadic daisy "coins" (which are detailed at the top of the post). It's a great necklace to layer and mix with your Chanel jewelry you already have at home. We call it a perfect "add-on."

Chanel tri-strand assorted ring necklace, c. early 1980s. Adjustable length up to 19" from end to end SOLD
Chanel tri-strand gold rope necklace with daisy "coins", c. late 1970s. Approximately 34" total length at longest point. SOLD
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