Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Giorgio Di Sant'Angelo Swimsuit

Have you seen the Giorgio di Sant'Angelo retrospective currently up at the Phoenix Art Museum? I am sure it is wonderful and I hope I can escape before it before it closes in February next year. I love how varied the Sant'Angelo styles are from Gypsy and Native American inspirations; to stretch body-conscious jerseys; to wraparound gauze dresses that could be worn a multitude of ways; as well as, glitzy crystal confections. So often, the bodysuit was essential in a Sant-Angelo design. Body suits are so practical except when using an airplane bathroom. This black Lycra bodysuit has silver metal tiles placed in a diamond pattern. Now that Lady Gaga has made going bottomless acceptable, throw this on the next time you go shopping at Whole Foods. However, if you want to be a bit more complete, a sarong would be terrific with this. I would love it under a tuxedo, too. When all else fails, try this with a pair a jeans and silver hoops and metallic heels.

Giorgio Di Sant'Angelo black lycra bodysuit with silver tiles, c. early 1980s. Marked size 8, modern 4 to slim 8.SOLD

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