Tuesday, September 06, 2011


It is very hot in Los Angeles but inside our air conditioned office we have started to think for Fall. And to start this week we chose this amazing Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture ensemble from his much revered Fall collection of 1977. This collection which featured Chinese designs was proclaimed by French Vogue as "a superb collection". And the American Vogue October issue of 1977 noted: "The changing world of evening and the feeling for unstoppered splendor and luxe that reached its most seductive heights in the ravishing chinoiseries of Saint Laurent". As for Yves in his own words this was a deeply egocentric collection. "I returned to an age of elegance and wealth. In many ways I returned to my own past. I put in the collection all my favorite painters and operas. It was theatre! It was also what is still hidden inside me. I grew up in a generation and a world of elegance. Tradition still flickered! And yet at the same time, I wanted to transform it. One is caught between the past holding you, and the future pushing you. It is why I am split in two. And I always will be. Because I knew one world and felt the other". One has to agree with a genius.

Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture ensemble with embroidered Chinoise jacket in gold black and purple and black satin pants, Fall Winter 1977. Modern Size 4SOLD

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