Thursday, September 01, 2011


You may have heard whispers that Cameron and Christos were cast as fashion gurus, aka themselves, on a new TV show to air this winter. Well, kids, the rumors are all true! Be sure to tune into Episode 6 of ABC's upcoming shoe, Jane by Design to debut in January. Set your Tivo's now.

They arrived on set yesterday only to find out that their episode was being directed by our favoriteThirtysomething actress, Melanie Mayron, who had a tete-a-tete with Christos during a little down time between takes. Want to know about the shoot? Here's Christos' take on the takes.

"We arrived on set and each had our own honey wagon. I wore a Tom Ford shirt and bow tie that I paired with Gucci pants. Cameron was looking chic in a schoolboy-inspired suit with a metallic blue tie and shorts.

On the show, Andie McDowell's character was looking for a vintage Halston dress and of course, we found it for her. After all, that's what we do. Andie McDowell was gorgine (Decades speak for gorgeous. Don't worry. We're going to publish a dictionary of our colloquialisms).

We chatted it up with the cute and sassy Erica Dasher, who regaled us with stories of the smart and sleek Jane Fonda. Seems that Erica was a PA on a Jane Fonda set and Jane Fonda heard that Dasher was producing a documentary about high school debate teams. Well, Jane shouted down to Dasher that she should solicit her ex-husband Ted Turner for funding as Turner was on his high school debate team. And then, without missing a beat, Fonda shouted, 'Never marry a man who knows the art of debate. You'll never win an argument.' I mean, how a-maz-ing is that?

Our scene took 3 hours to shoot. It was a real thespian moment. I'm waiting for my turn on the Actor's Studio with James Lipton. Cameron's getting Emmy ready. It's not a pipe dream. We are SAG/AFTRA eligible now." -Lizzy