Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I believe it was Madonna who once proposed that "Beauty is where you find it; not just where you bump and grind it." The same, obviously, applies to sex appeal. While a gal can certainly have fun playing the vamp, scooching into her tightest Leger and her tallest Louboutins, exposing your entire neighborhood isn't always the fastest nor the best route to express your self. And, while it may seem clichéd, sexy really is a matter of confidence. If you're slouching in that Leger or stumbling on those Kirkwoods, you could wind up looking more silly than spicy.

I know that most people don't usually equate Marni with a come-hither vibe but on the eve of their upcoming collab with H&M, I started to try and pinpoint exactly what has made the brand stand-out since its debut in 1994 and the Marni girl definitely boasts an allure that's all her own, though it's not your typical lift-and-separate seduction.

Marni's aesthetic has a definite boho vibe, but it's not a sleep-in-my-Airstream-surfer-kinda-look. It's a Paris in the 20s and 30s arts and craftsy sorta thing. Think Djuna Barnes or Slim Keith meets Georgia O-Keefe. The clothes, which often sport a sculptural bend, also tend to boast bold color blocking (hello trend of 2011-2012), wild watercolors, and mis-matching is the new matching aesthetic. Think prints with plaids and maybe paisleys. Why the heck not? The rules with Marni is that you make your own.

And, whenever I put on Marni, the colors, the draping, the special luxury detailing such as hidden feminine ruching, grosgrain trim, lucite plaquettes, it makes me feel as if I'm off to chat with Picasso at Gertrude Stein's on the Rue de Fleurus or meeting with Man Ray to collaborate on a photo series. But of course I can do these things, pouf. And then I straighten my shoulders, smile my biggest smile and walk like I own Micheltorena. And, in my opinion, this kind of attitude conveys poise, precociousness and yes, sexiness. Because if you strut like you got it, it only makes 'em wonder what you've got going on underneath, if you catch my drift.


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