Thursday, March 01, 2012


Here at Decades, if you ever wonder what we're up to, in addition to hand-picking fabulous vintage and modern clothing and accessories, planning trunk shows, shooting pics of those aforementioned fabulous dresses etc. to put up on our website and send to clients, pulling pieces for stylists about to shoot, style scribing on our blog, developing online "happenings" such as our flash sales and daily curated collections, and dressing all of the lovely ladies (and a few gents as well) we're so privileged to work with for their upcoming events, (phew), there's a solid chance we're looking at Christos and Cameron's latest red carpet appearance online. So, I thought I'd take a sec to show you my particular fave of their all of their red carpet arrivals. (Btw, there's no excuse dudes, for not keeping up in the fashion department. Just take a few cues from these two.)

Personally, I love this footage with Rachael Harris at Cameron's Art of Elysium event. Not only is Rachael super pretty in pink in signature Philip Hulitar, but the men look pretty swank too. It's hard to keep your cool in front of ten thousand flashing bulbs, let alone smile for the cameras. These three, not only manage to show off their pearly whites, but have a giggle or two. Poise really is the best accessory. Next to a vintage Hermès navy leather and toile canvas handbag.