Friday, March 30, 2012


So, if you were to pack you flirty fun-in-the-sun frocks, sunnies, wellies and Marant military jackets for not one but two weekends in Coachella, who's luggage would you want to use to tote your wardrobe? Ah-Choo! (Forgive me, I had to, but at least I've saved you the obligatory Choose Choo tag or even worse Choo Choo line and considering that this travel luggage, it was hard to forego that one.)

Luckily for all you music mavens, we've just posted an amazing Jimmy Choo black patent leather travel valise. This baby has star power written all over it. After all, I'd never let you look like a roadie. For you, it's headlining style all the way. Even though roadies and rock stars often travel together but, that's neither here nor there.

Click HERE for more information or to just snatch this baby right on up!