Thursday, March 22, 2012


Searching for the perfect party dress can give a gal pause. Personally, I'm so over the LBD. I mean, I get it. Wearing a cute little black frock works in variety of haunts and environs, making it easy to go from casual cocktails to some dangerous and decadent after-hours.

But, fashion isn't about playing it safe. Fashion is about taking risks, not fading into the back ground but shining like the star you are, whoever you are. So, my pick for the all-time best party dress ever is this Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture number. Crafted with an eye-catching sky blue silk taffeta and black lace skirt, this dress is so fabulous that it's bound to make all the other dresses in the room très jealouse. Who can blame them.

I want to wear this dress everywhere I go: to drinks, to dinner, and to the bank, which is where it will probably wind up taking you. In my opinion, you can never be overdressed, if the dress is a YES.

As I'm sure you know, Yves Saint Laurent's retrospective opens this weekend at the Denver Art Museum this weekend. In honor of museum show, we've just posted a plethora of Yves Saint Laurent, from Haute Couture to Rive Gauche on our website moments ago.

In the mood to peruse seminal pieces, not to mention this amazing dress from the definitive French designer? Click HERE!