Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's not as if my love for these bags is unhealthy or anything. I just love them more than say, drinking, eating, and/or breathing. I realize that the bag to buy as far as the big double C is concerned is a classic flap or 2.55. But frankly, I prefer the Shopper. They're distinctive, still sport a bit of the ole iconic quilting and have a much harder/metro-edge than the traditional totes.

There's something super Alexis Carrington meets Pit Bull meets Sid Vicious about this bag that I just adore. If you can't follow that particular analogy, and if not I don't blame you, I'll just say that the next time I go shopping, I'm taking my Shopper. Should you want one of your own, I understand. In fact, I'll hook you up, girlfriend. In black and white! (Click links to check out both colors).

Word around the online offices is that they also posted a plethora of sacs and satchels, totes, clutches and carryalls. So, if the shopper's not your bag, I'm sure there's a bag that'll get you all kinds of carried away. Not to mention, everygal's BFF: super sexy heels!

Click HERE to check 'em out!