Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ok, we know that a significant staple for Spring is the statement necklace. And the design king who practically created the statement necklace: Yves Saint Laurent. Ok, so while he not have created the statement necklace, he crafted bangles and baubles which are sure to transform any ensmeble.

Think about it. Want to personalize that old jean and Tee shirt routine? A statement necklace says, "Hey, this is no soccer mom uniform. This the look of a lady who just might off yacht from the South of France, and while it may look like this is soccer mom uniform, due to this statement necklace, what you should really be reading is, this is a rocker Mom uniform." You know, the kind of mom who had a cameo in Downtown 81 alongside Basquiat and Debbie Harry.

And if membership status in the coolest crew ever doesn't say something, such as, I've lived in Tribeca before the baby boutiques and yarn shops. But, if you really want to establish that you were OG Save the Robots, pairing one of YSL's bijoux fantasie pieces with a grecian column dress says, "Hey, I own every Gray album. Because Vincent Gallo gave them to me. along with this necklace." And, if he's looking for any adoptive daughters, my name is Lizzy. With a Y. For yves, Yves Saint Laurent who created bijoux fantasie. Where fantasie where fantasy is a reality.

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