Monday, July 23, 2012


Actually persimmon isn't necessarily the new berry, as it's always been a berry...just an oversized berry.  Sort of like the shape of this Givenchy crepe blouse with lattice sleeve treatment.  This one size fits most top is simply delicious.  It's one of those shapes that manages to have no shape!  This may sound like an oxymoron, but this will look good on a multitude of sizes and worn with a multitude of bottoms.  Certainly the accompanying skirt will give you the full look but the bottom is not as democratic as the top.  I am sure many of you have that same feeling about your tops and bottoms at certain points in your life, too!  Please wear this with white jeans.  Or with tiny shorts.  Or throw it over a bikini bottom.  Whatever you do, know that this sure doesn't look like anything Ricardo Tisci designs for Givenchy these days!  And it has that delicious Nouvelle Boutique label.  Love that label.  Love this look.  It's so damn effortless and elegant.  I am so craving a dried persimmon right now...

Givenchy persimon crepe 2 piece, c. late 1970's.  Marked size 36, top open modern size, skirt is more like a 2. SOLD

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