Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What came first for you today: the shoe or the dress?  In this sole society, I bet many of you have been so seduced by a pair of shoes that you design your entire outfit around your feet.  The Max Kibardin shoes below are show stoppers.  In flamenco pink with plastic spikes and a splattering of Swarovski crystals, I doubt any of you have a shoe like this in your closet.  But you should. I met Max last night and dig his shoes.  I always like to be on the lookout for designers who aren't ubiquitous and Max is a shoe magician that should be on your radar.  These are the top of shoes that come first and the dress will follow.  In this instance I suggest a very modern looking Balenciaga dress from the 1990s of black crepe with cap sleeves and a bow, it's a blend of lady like 1950s sophistication has met 1990s minimalism.   However, I am suggesting some maximum shoes.  The tunic/dress is super short so unless you are highly confident, may I suggest a pair of leather shorts or a slim tuxedo pant.  Whatever you do, make sure you shoes are wicked.

Balenciaga "Le Dix" black crepe tunic dress  c. 90's.  Sample size, modern US 4 SOLD

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