Thursday, July 19, 2012


This "Christian Dior" dress has a weird and wacky label I have never seen before so I cannot confirm it is authentically Dior, but I can confirm that I love the boho nature of the dress and I think you will love the price of the dress.  So cheap!  So chic!  So call me "Maybe Dior" which actually sounds like the name of a fragrance in my book.  Featuring a tomato red chiffon base covered with an abstract floral pattern of ocean green and peach admits the woven lurex polka dots and free form sequins, I love the fitted long sleeves and the pleated skirt.  So chic for anytime of the year.  Festive for the summer, hearty for the fall, golden for winter, and floral for spring.  Now it may not be Dior and there are some sequins that are lose, but does it really mater if you are bohemian chic?  I never keep it secret that I like a long sleeve sexy dress and this one fits the bill.  It does remind me of the glory days of Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie, too....a style that never goes out of style.

Call me Maybe "Christian Dior" tomato printed chiffon with pleated skirt and paillettes, c.1970's. Size generous modern 4. Some minor flaws.

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