Thursday, July 05, 2012


As Karl Lagerfeld paid tribute to vintage Chanel in the last Couture show in Paris, we wanted to pay tribute to classic Chanel. Why change a good thing? When the essence of a piece of clothing or jewelry is there to last, it changes very little in regards to the date of production. Vintage Chanel remains always desirable and very modern. Worn with a simple white tee or piled on with a Chanel black suit, these pieces are, as Lagerfeld says, a renovation of the existing spirit of our time.

Chanel necklace with CC logo, c.1980's. Length 32 inches.
Chanel necklace with hat and bag, c.1980's. Length 32 inches.
Chanel ring necklace, c.1980's. Length 18 inches.
Chanel necklace with magnifying glass and red rubies, c.1980's. Length 40 inches. 
Chanel mixed pearls necklace, 1980's. Length 40 inches.
Chanel chain and gripoix stone, 1980's. Length 40 inches.

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