Saturday, July 28, 2012


James Galanos is likely America's greatest living Couturier.  His work spans so many Decades...he opened his eponymous house in 1952 and retired in 1998.  Now he devotes his time to abstract photography, but let's give the man some major props for being an active American designer (based in Los Angeles nonetheless) who shows his collections for FIVE decades.  Christian Dior remained active for only one decade.  He opened his house in 1947 and dropped dead in 1957 either from swallowing a fish bone or swallowing another kind of bone during a particularly eventful sexual encounter.  In polite circles, they call it a "heart attack."  I give Dior credit for remaining so relevant nearly six decades after his death while only having ten years to solidify his position in the annals of fashion history.  Both Mr. Galanos and Monsieur Dior are legends.  The James Galanos late 50s ensemble's dress length reminds me of the proportion suggested by Raf Simons earlier this month at his debut Dior Couture show. 

This wool-silk blend houndstooth tank dress with single button ruffle collar cropped jacket could look totally modern when paired with a colorful shoe as Marion Cotillard has been styled when she was the first actress to wear Raf Simons-designed Dior on the red carpet.  I do have a rule when it comes to vintage: never do head-to-toe vintage, so use Cotillard as an inspiration and grab this James Galanos ensemble that's ready for an update with your modern accessories.

James Galanos houndstooth wool dress and jacket, c. late 1950s.  Modern 6

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