Friday, February 09, 2007

Carven gown

If you want to buy the best gown we have at Decades pay close attention.

This gown, is the most stunning gown we have ever known. It is so simple in concept and so precise in execution with the most lavish use of chiffon layering and textured ruching and drapery on the bodice. From the house of Carven from the 1950s this mocha colored gown will excite everyone. Originally a house designing to cater to the petite woman the delicacy of the gown translates to a taller lady as well. Sized contemporary US 4 the gown is a masterpiece.

Should any lady choose to wear this, awards, accolades and marriage proposals (if not already accepted) will be in the imminent future!

Carven,50s, mocha multi layered full chiffon skirt with a draped and ruched bodice. SOLD

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