Monday, February 12, 2007

Chanel Jersey Purses

As popular as Chanel bags are today, there is a certain touch of elegance and true Coco style that is missing. Gone are the days of the Jersey quilted purse and gone too are the symbolic gold chain link chains and details. Mr. Lagerfeld has chosen to make the bags with highly polished silver chain, thus loosing one small touch of the Chanel aura. The fact that the bags are no longer made in jersey could be because of the delicate nature of the bags and the trend towards heavy duty leather goods. In any case, at Decades we will always love our gold details and our jersey bags.

Chanel, 70s, black jersey vertically quilted purse with additional jersey strap and double C closure on the front. 9"x7" SOLD

Chanel, 80s, red jersey diagonal quilted stripe purse with navy leather trip and strap and double C closure. 9"x7" SOLD

Chanel, 70s, Navy triangle quilted jersey purse with heavy gold chain. 9"x6" SOLD

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