Monday, February 12, 2007

Chanel Haute Couture Handbag

Today, more often than not, Haute Couture, is about the spectacle and even more so the accessories. While only a small portfolio of women the world over can afford the gowns, separates and suits that come down the runway there are many more than can afford to buy the bags and shoes.

Way back when the bags and shoes and gloves and hats and yes the bags two were all part of the same buying circle. It wasn't that you couldn't afford the clothing so you bought the bags, it was that if you buy the clothing you have to buy the bag that goes with that look number. So as we do not have the look we will leave that up to you but we have the bag!

Chanel, 70s, Haute Couture, square quilted metallic brocade pochette with chain link strap.7"x6" SOLD

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