Sunday, February 04, 2007

YSL Haute Couture coat

In recent days I have come to realize a truth within fashion. As I have heard many times, it is not about shopping ad nauseum in each season for looks that will last no more than three months and exhaust your shopping potential. It is far more important to find pieces that you both truly adore and that you will be able to not only cherish for ever but also wear for ever.

This is not to say that buying clothing is ever an investment. That would be akin to saying buying cars is an investment, it just is not so. But what it does mean is that you will have a collection of pieces worth every penny you spend originally and the joy you will get every time you wear it. On that note, i think this coat not only plays into the moment, the current desire of comfort in fashion, but it also is a great standard of dress for a true Lady. It is at once stylish and fashion forward but never tired. A simple task that so often goes awry when the check book is in the wrong hands.

YSL Haute Couture, early 90s, Anthracite velour jacket. In the style of a throw-on wrap coat but made sublime with rare Emba mink trim on the cuff, shawl collar and hem. Belted at the waist adding a touch of sophistication. Contemporary size 4-6. SOLD

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