Monday, February 05, 2007

Christian Lacroix

Glamour is always a frame of mind. There are shapes and colors that can make you instantly glamorous. There are designers that make you feel like a lady, and not just any lady but a lady of the manor. A wealthy doyenne of style and sometimes excess. The runways of Haute Couture in Paris, are famous for the sometimes costume like creations that surge from the minds' eye of the designer. Sometimes however, the toned down versions of these pieces and the RTW collections are the healthy and perfect balance between beauty and excess.

Christian Lacroix, Dead stock Spring and Summer 1993, Ombre sand to hot pink Goddess Gown. Strapless and detailed with a floor length swag of chiffon swung over the shoulder and mimicking the action of Jean Desses. A contemporary size 4. SOLD

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