Saturday, February 03, 2007

Giorgio Sant Angelo

I know at least here in LA, all you music lovers have already begun thinking about your Coachella outfits, where you will be staying and which parties you are going to attend. I also know that you all all know about the high stakes fashion competition that is the VIP lounge at Coachella. That said you don't want to be the one strolling around in your American Apparel shiny tights and tees. You want to be the one strutting in vintage glamorous clothing appropriate for a music festival but still fashionable.

So take in your weekender this Giorgio Sant Angelo, 70s, folkloric mixed media and print sun dress. With full bell sleeves and sweeping skirt this is hippie child at its best! The chest is open and sexy, but tie a flower in your hair and some adorable leather sandals and you go from sex-pot to beauty in the sun just like that. Sized as a contemporary 4 US. SOLD

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