Friday, February 09, 2007


That's right, today we have been going Fur-Tastic at Decades. With the weather so unpredictable, the smartest thing to do is to don a fur, shrug it off your shoulder if you get hot and life the high-life. If you can wear a fur like its a second skin, then you will look sexy and powerful. If the fur wears you, then Houston we have a problem.

Christian Dior, late 50s, natural mink stole recently relined by Dior in Paris.

Christian Dior by Ferre, early 90s, red cashmere shawl with leather trim and mink balls. SOLD

Anonymous, 60s, vest tunic in tourmaline mink with beige leather trim. SOLD

Weil, 50s, Bolero style jacket in a pastel colored mink. SOLD

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