Friday, February 02, 2007

Loris Azzaro

Becoming a princess is no easy feat. First you have to find a prince who is not married. Then you have to charm and woo the the King and Queen, his parent. Sure the father could be a walk over, but the daunting prospect of a mother-in-law, the power behind the thrown, that can wield what ever she pleases upon your every move and soul is a pretty scary future.

So scratch the marriage idea and instead try the Azzaro idea. At least for us at Decades we do our best to make a princess out of you every day.
This little dress from Loris Azzaro is just the ticket to make you feel like a princess whether you are marrying a prince or simply a princess yourself.

Loris Azzaro, 80s, Turquoise, chiffon gathered bustier cocktail dress with princess cut bust line and ruched bodice atop a three tiered skirt.

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