Wednesday, February 15, 2012


With so many "It" bags on the market, how can you make sure that your new Noe isn't actually a S*it bag? Fake-makers have gotten so good at their game, it can be hard to know if you're arm candy is official or a Santee Alley special. Don't worry. We've come up with a four tips to test your monogram canvas tote to make sure it passes any authenticity test.

1. Check to see if there is a tag on the outside of the bag. Louis Vuitton does not use hang tags or a circular tag with the LV logo.

2. Inspect the dustbag. Look for high quality plush fabric with no pilling, square corners, and the logo printed front and center.

3.Examine the interior of the bag. Most LV bags are lined with a luxury alcantara lining.

4. Analyze the monogram logo pattern on the bag. The letters should never be tilted or diagonal and the two sides of the bag are always proportional.