Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OH OSCAH . . .

Here in Hollywood, Tinseltown literally looses it's last mind when it comes to the the Academy Awards; grown people turn into children all hopped up on sugar and ripping down the stairs to open Santa's presents like it's Christmas and there is definitely a pony under the tree. Heck, most people get all dolled up just to watch the 73 hour event on the telly, never mind those who actually attend the show, get nominated or walk with a naked gold dude sans parts, (a kin to Ken perhaps).

Come Oscar night, the hills and haute hotspots are aglow with revelers in their Sunday finery - more parties are kicked off, champagne sipped, toasts made, hands hive-fived and if you're lucky enough to roll through the Governors Ball, chocolates nibbled at Wolfgang Puck's chocolate buffet. Chocolate coffee, chocolate toffee . . . Oy. I die.

So, if you don't live under a rock, chances are this Sunday's plans have been on lock for a sweet minute or two. Me, I don't have a TV nor the patience to sit though 62 montages. That said, my beloved and I have rsvp'd in the affirmative to a few fetes here in town and as far I'm concerned, the only portion of the show I care to see is the pre-show arrivals. Checking out who's wearing what and of course, digging out the final looks of the lovely ladies we've dressed is an absolute gas.

But once Billy Crystal takes the mike to say Bonjour 84, meh. I'm just hoping once the clock strikes 4p PST, that's there's a chocolate buffet in my immediate vicinity. I've already picked out my ensemble for the night and it involves some vintage YSL. However, I realize some of you may have put off picking out your outfit. Feeling a bit stressed about last-minute prep and dressing? Don't worry girlfriend, I got you. Today's Tuesday Ten at Ten features pieces that guarantee a mention on anyone's best-dressed list. I'm talking Gucci gowns, Cavalli kicks, Valentino evening bags and the ultimate in red carpet bling, why Miriam Haskell for Decades jewelry. Sadly, the little naked gold homie isn't included in the collection. Not that we didn't try.