Friday, February 17, 2012


. . . To check out our amazing new windows. Then park and come in and shop a bit. The windows were designed by the inimitable Jeff Snyder, who in conversation with Cameron Silver, was inspired by the confections of Erno Laszlo. Jeff's style, cheek, sleek and always refined, often harkens back to elements from Decades past (how fitting) while the end product on each project remains the épitomé of modern aesthetics. We chatted with Jeff and found out all about his process for creating the Erno eye candy as well as windows past. Here's what he had to say.

1. When designing, do you let the clothes determine the "story" or do you have a particular concept in mind and then pick the clothes from there?
It's really 50/50. Sometimes an amazing collection pops up, such as the Lyn Revson collection. Or like with the Laszlo collection, we knew we wanted to deal with Hollywood icons, which is fitting, considering that it's awards season. And sometimes, it's just something I imagined, something abstract and/or more conceptual.

2. How do you design the windows to fit the Decades brand? Is there a particular aesthetic or vision that says Decades to you?
I think that the Decades look is and my personal preference is to keep everything simple, elegant and modern. I make the windows about showcasing the clothing and so keep all design elements chic and well composed.

3. Who are your design heroes?
My design heroes are the beauty and laws of nature. That's what makes me feel balanced and inspired. Of course, seminal Southern California designers such as Neutra, Eames and Schindler come to mind but really I am moved to create more by observing things like geometric fractal patterns occurring naturally in a wave or a canopy of leaves overhead.

4. Living in L.A., there's vast landscape and architectural beauty, from a beaten-down old craftsman up in Laurel Canyon to the jacarandas that bloom twice a year. Do you look to our city for inspiration?
L.A. affects me every day. The light, the wind, the grandness of nature that exists within the ramshackle chaos of it all. The wildness of the plants, the palms, the flowers and the buildings that seem as randomly to crop up between the foliage; the craziness of it makes me feel free. It is such an aspirational city. There is so much hope and possibility in Los Angeles.

To contact Jeff Snyder for upcoming design projects, please call Decades at 323.655.1960 ex. 106 for Jeff's contact information.