Friday, February 03, 2012


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Turns out "Bon Anniversaire" is order! Christian Louboutin, the man behind every fashionista's favorite sky-high heels just celebrated his brand's 20th birthday. And who better to foot the bill than Bergdorf Goodman, who feted Mr. Louboutin with a lotta lolli-pops and more glitter than you might see in a Mariah Carey movie. Several NY fashion and cultural fixtures were on hand to party with the ex-punk-rocker-turned-footwear-maven, including Paper Mag's own Mickey Boardman.

We wish we could have been in town to get down on the dance floor with the soul of stilettos. Hey, Zoe Cassavetes swears he can cut mean rug but I suppose you would too if your first gig was at the Folies Bergères. We do wish him another 20 years of fabulousness, but it does beg the question, "What will the next 20 years bring?" Stilettos with wings and motors? We know it's only a matter of time before a pair of Louboutins will sweep a girl off her feet. Literally.

Are you a Louboutin lover too? Do you secretly harbor fantasties of becoming the fourth Loubi Angel and taking to the road with boxes of 6 inch platforms in the Louboutin LBT (little black truck) and popping up at Cannes? Well, while we can't help with your aerial tricks, we can suggest picking up a pair from our modern selection of shoes to practice your moves, such as these silver cross-strap peep-toes, say at our infamous shoe event next Saturday February 11th from 9am - 6pm at the store 8214 Melrose, and pairing them with the vintage red Lanvin dress below. Now that's a fashion feat.