Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As we all know, New Yorkers love to talk and Big Apple dwellers love them some Chloe Sevigny dish. It seems that everyone I know kicked it with at Liquid Sky back in the day or spotted Sevigny as a vintage-clad teen skulking through the East Village when she allegedly eschewed handbags in favor of carrying her essentials in a white plastic deli bag. Several years later, Sevigny sightings are still as numerous as they were in the early 90s, when Sevigny interned at Sassy and was the subject of Jay McInerney's infamous New Yorker send-up, Chloe's Scene, and discussion/dissection of what makes an "It" girl.

Sigh. What happened to the "It" girl? Where has she gone? In all likelihood, she's left the city entirely, and is posting up somewhere in the country in a geodesic dome that's she built herself while she cans and pickles and quilts.

If you ask me, Chloe is one of, if not the, last truly great "It" girls. She eschews stylists and does her own hair and make-up and consistently knocks it out of the park on the red carpet. Her style is truly inimitable plus her affinity for vintage and her ability to know how to wear it in a way that always feels modern, makes her a truly fashionable gal. And I'm not the only one. I'm pretty sure that the gang over at Opening Ceremony finds her pretty chic as they've tapped her to collaborate on an in-house line of clothing season after season.

Of course, seeing Chloe in Decades picks is always a blast. Here's a few of my favorite Chloe Sevigny selections over the years:


Chloe in vintage Paco Rabanne haute couture dress and necklace in a shoot for the LA Times

Chloe in vintage Thierry Mugler at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2007

Chloe in vintage Holly Harp at the Academy Awards in 2002

So, we picked a few pieces and just posted them on our website here that remind of fashion's most beloved daredevil. Check out a preview below:

Vintage Issey Miyake draped dress, Vintage Theirry Mugler black leather dress, vintage YSL princess puff sleeve cocktail dress

Zimmerman mint bouclé dress, YSL black jumpsuit, YSL grey jersey vest