Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Some have turned their noses down at SoCal style, but if there's anyone in the world to turn the haters into lovers, it's James Galanos. Period. Galanos is perhaps single-handedly responsible for creating old school Hollywood Glam. Think luxurious fabrics and fur, exquisite draping, luscious fabrics, meticulous cuts and ornate detailing, such as his iconic gilded butterfly.

Personally, I love Galanos' rags to riches story, which proves that hard work, belief in one's self, and following your heart's desire to be creative pays off. Turns out, taste and elegance can come from Jersey. Shoresters, take note. Here's a few fun fashion facts from the life and work of James Galanos:

Galanos first arrived on our sunny shores as a youngster determined to make a name for himself in fashion. After a dissapointing start in New York as a clerical assistant in sartorial salon of Hattie Carnegie (Pauline Triegère and Norman Norell got their start at Carnegie's), Galanos moved to L.A. to design for a husband and wife team, the Lesavoys. Sadly, the duo divorced and Galanos lost his gig.

Of course, if you're having on trouble on 7th Avenue, there's just may be a place for you on Sunset. Jean Louis, head designer at Columbia Pictures, hired Galanos to sketch ensembles for pictures. He then traveled to Paris, working for Robert Piguet. After another frustrating try at designing in New York, where Galanos was let down by design positions which didn't encourage him to express himself creatively, the upstart up and hightailed it back to Tinseltown and launched a line of his own. Upon seeing Galanos' creations, which looked haute couture though were pret-a-porter pieces pronounced that Galanos would soon be a household name.

And he was because the movies came calling again. Galanos designed ensembles for icons such as Rosalind Russell, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor not to mention Grace Kelly and Marlene Deitrich who sought Galanos' "glamour quotient".

And frankly, who doesn't need a little glamour sprinkled like fairy dust into their lives. Even if you don't have a photo opportunity in your immediate future, this dress is guaranteed to make you feel as your life is one red carpet that you're meant to float down and through, always gracious, elegant and of course, glamourous.

Isn't he inspiring? Both the man and his clothes give a gal reason to seek the stars. Perfect for our town.


James Galanos vintage black duchess satin halter gown, c. late 50s/early 60s. Modern size: Approximately 2/4. SOLD