Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Before iPhones and tablets and ESP, I remember when Filofaxes were all the rage. In fact, I begged my mother for one for Christmas when I was a mere teen. And for some reason, she got it for me. I'm not sure what I had to keep track of at fourteen. Parties? Kicking it in the meadow with my other delinquent, I mean, debutante friends? Hanging out late night uptown on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or downtown at The World?

But I remember thinking that there was just something so chic about pulling that filofax out of my danish bookbag and checking to see if I could hit up Pat Field's on a Saturday afternoon. And truth be told, I still think there's something elegant about a gal who puts pen to paper. I'm not suggesting that you rid yourself of all technology together. But, imagine pulling this vintage Gucci address book out of your 2.55 and taking down your new pals contact info or jotting down your Sunday Farmer's Market list in its creamy silken pages?

Sounds pretty decadent, no? I say "Oui."

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