Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Love her, hate her, not so sure about that SNL appearance . . . no matter what you think of Lana Del Rey, you can't deny that this girl's got some major style. Style that I love. It's kind of a sweet mixture of Nancy Sinatra with a lil' Flo Rida thrown in e.g. Miami Pin-up gal. She has a tendency to rock flirty frocks with bloody roses and major bling jewelry that those rolling in Escalades just might appreciate and the sartorial mix, well any you way you take it, works.

Just ask T Magazine, who she recently covered, sporting a clever mix of buttoned-up blouses paired with crisp minis. And while some may criticize the wee 25 year old for trying to straddle the huddle between indie It gal and industry powerhouse, her Video Games video, a splice of life mixed and cut by Del Rey herself is pure DIY style. Just like the rose covered dame herself.

I was so inspired by Del Rey's video, not to mention her several glossy appearances, that I pulled pieces that remind me of a 60s siren updated with a little latin flair. They make me want to ride a bike down Hollywood Blvd. and across Vermont and play a video game myself.

Want to get the Lana Del Rey look? I don't blame you. For blue jeans and all, click HERE.