Friday, April 06, 2012


Sometimes, a gal's just got to hit the road and get out of dodge for a sec, you feel me? I'm making no plans, no reservations, no travel guides--just pulling out onto the freeway and going where the wind takes me this weekend. Let's hope it's somewhere warm because my travel case will include pieces akin to: gossamer Isabel Marant tops, Manolo Blahnik flat sandals, Isabel Canovas bucket bags, CC belts and bling, bold hued Courreges sundresses, a vintage Pauline Trigere scarf slash poncho, vintage emboidered boho tunics, Hermès hipslingers, and of course, some gladiator sandals.

Dear Freeway Gods,
Might we be feeling the Integratron? Pretty please?
We could always stop by the orchid farm . . .