Tuesday, April 03, 2012


How does he do it?

Everbody from downtown dames to Uptown girls are major fans of Christian Louboutin's fancy foot candy. Just ask Danielle Steel: allegedly, she's storing over 6,000 pairs in her closet.

All of my favorite Louboutin stories involve the Frenchmen's younger years when he was a nightclub-fixture and punk prince, appearing in art films such as Race D'Ep and allegedly kicking it late night with the likes of Mick Jagger and Roland Barthes. Can you imagine? The King of rock-n-roll on one side, the guru of semiotics on the other? Mon Dieu.

No matter the time, Louboutin heavenly heels have been a hallmark of je ne sais quoi chic since the early nineties. Always a rebel, who eschewed the sensible shoe, Louboutin's trick platform heels give any gal the most gorgeous gams.

And those signature cherry soles? Red haute, if you ask me.

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