Monday, April 16, 2012


Maybe it's the fact that several chic caravans of hipsters, magic makers, music makers, and geo-gals recently departed our fair city for the desert for Coachella, Round 1. Or maybe it's just that I've been listening to tunes from Fleetwood Mac to Florence and the Machine to Santigold to Mimi Baez Farina to Bat for Lashes, but it's time to add a lil' rock-n-roll to the ole wardrobe.

There's something super lady-on-a-dark-stage a la Lana del Ray that reminds me of this painted feather collar. I would probably take it easy underneath and wear this exquisitely painted accoutrement courtesy of R. Lee Manuel askew over a lingerie-inspired slip of of dress and maybe Yohji boots and a phat gold four-finger ring. Just so I could show off the painted plaid detailing ON THE FEATHERS. What do you think about that?

Look out, wax. Hear I come (tee hee).