Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chiffon for DAYS!

We do hope that you like chiffon. If not, probably best to stop reading right now. This posting is all about the material of the gods, CHIFFON. This fabric is most often used in evening gowns and is usually made from silk woven in a plain grid pattern giving it a sheer appearance. There are sometimes a tight S or Z twist added which causes the material to pucker. Below are two fine examples of what chiffon can do for an evening out. The first gown is an Anonymous custom aqua chiffon halter gown with platinum bugle bead strips that line the top. The criss-cross platinum bugle bead stripes in the front of the top create an empire waist that is broken up by nude color triangles under the bust. The back of the gown has two bugle bead straps that outline the shoulder blades and connect at the top of the halter.

The second gown was designed by Oscar de la Renta in 1988. The electric blue chiffon hue of the gown is a strikingly beautiful color. The asymmetric top is gathered in a horizontal pattern at the bust. The dress is held up by the left shoulder which drapes vertically over the shoulder. Also on the left side, there is an attached shawl that shoots out from the top of the bust, and is long enough to be draped in a myriad of ways. This gown is a stunner, and is the perfect piece to make a grand entrance. Think of the attached shawl as a "Gift with Purchase." Certainly having that swag of chiffon to dust your shoulder on a cool night is very useful!

Anonymous aqua green chiffon gown with bugle beads, c.1970's. Contemporary size 4. SOLD

Oscar de la Renta electric blue chiffon dress, 1988. Contemporary size 6-8. SOLD

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