Thursday, August 21, 2008


Jean Desses is often regarded as the Master of draped chiffon and goddess-inspired silhouettes. That may be one of the reasons why Desses gowns always sell quickly at Decades. They don't come around often, however. We have had many six Desses evening gowns since our opening in 1997. That's one about every two years! This Desses is in an unusual cafe color and trimmed in milk chocolate velvet at the top edge and repeated at the left hip bow, where the chiffon gracefully gathers. We are the first to suggest that this is not a color for everyone, but, then again, Jean Desses dresses always end up in an extraordinary closet, so we can't wait to find the perfect home for this distinctive gown in spectacular condition, considering it's age. No one swags chiffon like Desses and this gown which is practically sixty years old remains the epitome of Haute Couture's endearing qualities and timelessness.

Jean Desses mocha strapless gown trimmed in velvet, c 1950s. Modern size 4.

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