Thursday, December 30, 2010


A lot of folk are going to end up in cuffs on New Year's Eve. I for one will not. I was going to attend the opening of The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas this festive weekend with performances by Florence and the Machine, Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Mavis Staples, but my dry cough has created a detour and rather than sip champagne, I will be sipping herbal tea...most likely from bed. So, public intoxication is not going to be an issue for me! Hallelujah, I am not going to end up in cuffs (pretty out of character for me to do anything wild regardless), but should you get into a little trouble, ask your officer to cuff you in these vintage Chanel cuffs. (This tactic probably isn't going to work with the arresting officer and I pretty much can guarantee that handcuffs in the squad car are not offered in gilt or with glass pearls!). Now these cuffs are more decorative than law-enforcing, but swell arm candy is always a fashionable law to follow. These cuffs are also super easy to adjust to fit your wrist, which is cause to raise a glass (of herbal tea). Be it the over-sized interlocking C coin cuff or the pearl centered floral cuff, either cuff will have me giving you a "BEST DRESSED" citation! Be safe and don't get arrested, but do get Chanel cuffed!
Happy New Year!

Chanel gold interlocked Cs coin cuff. c.90's. 5 3/4" circumference with a 1" opening. Coin measures 1 1/4" SOLD
Chanel gold flower with pearl center cuff c.80's. 5 3/4" circumference with a 1" opening. Flowers measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Both cuff openings can be easily adjusted to fit wrist size.SOLD
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