Saturday, December 18, 2010


Greetings from not-so-sunny-at-all Los Angeles. Today it is a non-stop stream of showers. Looking out of the large windows of Decades where I normally can see the Hollywood Hills and legendary Hollywood sign and equally legendary So Cal sun, all I see are gray skies. Not the most desirable day to be in retail jail.

You may notice this is the first time a Decades blog post has been written in first person, but it is an experiment. A few of us at the store normally take turns writing posts. You will notice different styles and voices to different posts, and now you will know the author. However, we all manage to have many grammatical errors -- such is life for Team Decades! For our initial personal post, the words are coming from your faithful leader aka me aka Cameron Silver. I vacillated on what to post. Something Hermes was so obvious. A piece of 80s Chanel gold jewelry was too easy. So I have decided my initial first-person, from-the-heart post will be of a Chantal Thomass marabou feather capelet from the 1980s in black and olive. You may ask why this piece? Quite simply, because it is a piece of fluffy fashion that will fit everyone - a democratic capelet from one of the great Parisian purveyors of haute lingerie. This feather duster for your shoulders would look amazing over a LBD or over a bra and panties. You choose your poison and your passion. Just don't wear this out in Los Angeles today as we wouldn't want you to look like a droopy big bird when your marabou feathers will under the storm.

So now you know the voice behind this post. And now you know who to call out if I made a booboo with the marabou text. It won't always be me, but I am happy to break the ice. Surely, Daniel and Monica will be posting shortly in their style and in their signature.
-Cameron Silver

Chantal Thomass black and olive marabou feather capelet, c. 1980s. One size fits all. (shown over a 40s Jean Desses wine gown)
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