Friday, December 17, 2010


It was 1954, it was in L'officiel and it is officially fabulous still today. It seemed straight out of Audrey's closet, but it isn't Givenchy. Rather it was and is Jacques Fath Haute Couture and it's here at Decades. An oyster hued silk satin ultimate cocktail dress with lavish embroidery of bronze and gold, it is a dress worthy of Audrey -- yesterday and today. We rather love the idea of Natalie Portman wearing this manifestation of vintage Parisian Haute Couture as she reminds us of Audrey. Audrey of yesterday or Audrey of today, have faith in the sublime Jacques Fath.

Jacques Fath Haute Couture oyster satin embroidered evening dress, 1954. Modern 2 to narrow 4.
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