Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Urgh! Los Angeles has become a sub-tropical non-stop rain-machine. Apparently the big storm is coming tonight. The last few days have certainly not felt like little storms. How big is big? I've been sporting a beanie on my head every day since there's no way to get my 'fro to cooperate in this climate. We get pretty spoiled here usually with optimal weather, so with the sun covered by clouds; and the clouds perception flowing constantly for three days in a row, I want to close my eyes and go somewhere with teal colored waters, like the Cayman Islands.

When I went scuba diving (yup, I did and the pictures prove it - I should add those to my very new FB page), the waters were the color of this teal Givenchy Haute Couture gazar gown on Grand Cayman. I can't actually dive into those actual waters, but I can surrender to the beauty of this evening gown which has a subtle tonal floral motif woven like a damask into the fabric as an extra dose of texture. The strapless gown has a folded bust-line that wraps and descends at the back. The ample skirt is made more dramatic by the defined waist and sash with two bold flowers in black and white.

A gown like this is to be worn by a true fashionista who understands that this is a design of illusions. The fabric may be voluminous at the skirt but the fabric is also quite airy so the silhouette of your legs gets gently revealed. (There isn't a surprise hoop skirt underneath). Just like the waters of the Cayman Islands reveal the mystery of the ocean, Hubert de Givenchy understands the force of mystery with his use of structure and silhouette.

And the rain keeps pouring!

Givenchy Haute Couture teal gazar strapless gown with black and white flowers, c. 1960s. Modern 2 to 4 (may fit a narrow 6, also!) SOLD TO A COOL BRIDE!
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