Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well we can't blame it on the rain. Rather, we need to blame it on ...US! The reason we were off the grid at both Decades and Decadestwo.1 for 2 days had nothing to do with storm central but more to do with demo central. We are remodeling the Decades offices as I type (what a way to spend the Holiday Season) and apparently one of the construction workers unplugged our router and when he realized his error, he plugged it into the wrong outlet. Further confusion resulted in tangled wires, so much so that it still took our rep from AT&T nearly 30 minutes to make sense of our follies. Anyway, we are back and nearly better than ever. Thank you to all our very patient clients who dealt with us via the landline and through our smart phones that really worked over time and proved their intelligence. Now back to the Decades holiday tree trimming party with Chanel.

The following two statement Chanel necklaces are both from the 1980s and are great layering pieces and can be doubled or even tripled (such as in the case of the gold chain necklace pictured first). The gold robe and flat "CC" disk is nightly long (around 70 inches) so we think it is best worn doubled or tripled and is fantastic to mix with pearls or crystals for a super individual look. We love a good foundation necklace as much as we love a good pair of foundation Spanxs.

The second necklace does some of the layering for you, as it's a triple connected strand of larger pearls and gold links. It can easily be worn in its original configuration or it can be doubled for a a chunky necklace look.

For husbands/boyfriends/partners/girlfriends/family confused about Christmas gifts, you can't go wrong with vintage Chanel! These are really not for your Christmas tree, but are perfect gifts for decorating under the Christmas tree. Email or call us and we can even get it out for delivery tomorrow if you contact us before 3 pm PST today!

By the way, if someone from Sandra Lee's Food Network show does think the Chanel Christimas tree is a good segment idea, please give Decades credit!

Chanel all gold chain with flat "CC" medaillons, c. 1980s. 70 inches total length.SOLD
Chanel triple connected gold chain with pearls, c. 1980s. 38 inches total length for longest strand. SOLD
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