Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, the Earth is not flat. Aristotle wisely opened our eyes and minds to that around 330 BC! But can a Kelly bag be flat? Yes, it can! In 2008, the Kelly flat deconstructed the iconic Hermes bag which we are now able to offer you in black swift leather at a fraction of the original price (around $8000!). As you can see from the pictures above, the bag can be carried in a folded manner which, honestly, is pretty useless, but looks cool, in a "how-do-you-carry-anything-in-this-bag?" sorta way.
However, it is useful when packing for a trip because you can fold the bag inside your luggage among your mentionable and unmentionables. This is origami in the making. But when you unfold the bag, as we demonstrate below, the Kelly flat is a fully functional expression of the Kelly bag that is super light and ideal for the Hermes leather lover who understands that something can be both practical and unpractical. On the runway, this bag is unpractical, but in life, this bag is practical. So the Kelly is flat, but the Earth remains spherical!

Hermes Kelly Flat in black swift leather, 35 cm. L stamp for 2008. Minor surface scratching. Reconditioned by Hermes. When you are buying a Hermes bag for half of retail a scratch is really just a love tap! No box, but sleeper bag. SOLD
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