Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Fringe

Looking for the perfect winter white this season? I (this is Daniel) love a woman in winter white at a holiday party, it's so unexpected. Most would immediately run to a nice jewel tone covered in rhinestones for that typical "festive" holiday look. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but you will be one in a sea of many.

Lets say you decide to go against the grain, and sport this lovely Alfred Bosand white fringe dress with a platinum Brian Atwoods and white mink Balenciaga capelet (yes, we do have one). Now you will be the glimmering beacon of purity navigating your way through the color spectrum that is a holiday party. Your white fringe swaying ever so gently with every movement, as you peruse the crowd. Ah, the elegance of it all...

There are some light stains close to the bottom of the dress, but the strands of stained fringe can easily be cut off without anyone noticing. That's the amazing thing about having an all fringe dress, if you stain or snag a few strands you can just cut them off and no one's the wiser.

Alfred Bosand white fringe dress with satin waist and shoulder straps, c.1970's. Contemporary size 4 SOLD

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