Tuesday, August 11, 2009


If you have that urge to be noticed at an upcoming event, this Vicky Tiel gown promises to make it a night to remember. Vicky Tiel's signature ruched effect done in gold lame releases below the knee to a flutter skirt. Turn around and you have the Mother of all bows. This is a gown made for dancing, prancing, and general parading. The illusion sleeves do not attach to the dress. As a matter of fact, the dress is pretty fabulous without the sleeves, too. But if you want to have a Rita Hayworth moment in this gown, you can always strip them off seductively and throw them to the crowd that is inevitably going to swarm around you when you are in this dynamite gown. Put the Blame on Mame!

Good enough for the Emmys, so grab this one before one of the nominees opts for it!

Vicky Tiel (label missing) for Lina Lee (Beverly Hills boutique) early 80s gold lame ruched strapless gown. Contemporary size 4 - 6. SOLD
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