Monday, August 17, 2009


If we were photo wizards, which we clearly are not, you would immediately recognize the color of this Hermes Kelly as being distinctively gris pale. However, Hiro (the master of precision fashion photographer), we are not. What we lack in Hiro's talents, we make up with our heroic assortment of Hermes we have sold at Decades since 1997. We are in the process of documenting and photographing a major collection of antique and vintage Hermes travel bags -- some dating back to the 1930s. Check back often for this epic Hermes collection, but in the meanwhile we are going to keep it fairly recent as we present the aforementioned and terrific Kelly in gris pale which is not etoupe or gris tourterelle, for the record. It looks like grey ice. What this bag lacks, is plastic on its hardware and it's original orange box (it has all the necessary sleeper bags). However the bag is in what-appears-to-be MINT condition. The missing box saves you quite a bit off of current Hermes retail, so if you can live without a box, we say carry on and carry away this bag which may not be white, but is just the closest shade away from white and en route to grey. Totally season less and matches everything in your closet. Gosh we love to make your life easier and more chic!

Hermes 32 cm Clemance Leather Kelly in gris pale, F stamp for 2002. No box, plastic removed from hardware, but spectacular condition. SOLD
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