Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bundle of 5

You've heard of the Antwerp 6 (if not click here), now we bring you the bundle of five. Four of the belts below are from Yves Saint Laurent. We are unsure of the fifth belts designer, but it could easily be YSL. It is a tie dyed bit of fabric with a knot in the center and gold rope with blue bead accents. The ties in the back are made from silver leather strips and make up one half of the belt. Next we have two sash belts, the first is woven purple with multi-colored tassel accents. The second is brown rope that has been woven with gold ball chains and finished with two tassels, one on either end. Last there are two leather belts with gold stars, one in white with red border, the other in magenta with a black border.

Anonymous pink/purple knot belt with silver ties and blue beads, c.70's. Measures 44" SOLD
YSL woven purple multi-color tassel belt, c.70's. Measures 65"SOLD
YSL woven brown rope with gold ball chains, c.70's. Measures 70"SOLD
YSL white leather belt with gold stars and red border, c.70's. Marked size small, measures 30"
YSL magenta leather belt with gold stars and black border, c.70's. Marked size small, measures 30"

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