Friday, August 21, 2009


There is a lot of bad Halston out there -- the things Decades would never sell: all the diffusion products such as JC Penny collections; the anachronistic ultra-suede pieces; and then the things that could have been made by anyone in fabrics that don't make you melt. Of course you must also contend with the last ten years of revamped, relaunched, and retread variations of Halston...maybe this September someone will finally get Halston right! In the meanwhile, we are perfectly satiated with this flawless example of Halston in the form of a curtain draped one shoulder crepe jersey dress in a wonderful shade of pink. This dress does everything right and is likely from Halston's collection of 1982. All the other Halstons and wannabee Halstons are just that: wannabees. This is the real deal and will be an heirloom in any fashionable closet. Long live the "real deal".

Halston curtain draped crepe jersey one shoulder pink goddess dress, 1982. Modern size 4 to 6 SOLD
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