Saturday, January 29, 2011


We get a lot of calls from people excited to sell their vintage treasures. Every call is a possibility of something fabulous, but alas not always a guarantee of closet filled with temptations. Case in point: Last week a lovely woman contacted me about her clothing which included Givenchy Couture, Loris Azzaro, and this Norma Kamali ombre fringe dress. I had previously purchased a great navy and white Lanvin a few years ago from the same stylish woman, so naturally I was anticipating a major haul. Alas, the only piece that moved me was this Kamali fringe dress. She wore it while performing in Las Vegas circa 1980 when she had a hit disco single (dying to find the You Tube video!).

I always love fringe and am always drawn to anything tonal or ombre. This is a dress for celebrating and dancing. I must inform you that the skirt is completely revealing, so when the fringe shimmies, you may be showing your hiney. Consequently, when the original owner performed in this dress, she wore matching pants. If hot pants aren't your thing, I love figuring out sartorial solutions with clients, so perhaps we could add a jersey slip or a body suit. I would avoid spanks. Think of me as a friend with benefits (stylish ones) and this dress as fun fringe with benefits!


Norma Kamali red and raspberry fringe spaghetti strap dress, c. 1980s. Modern size 2

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