Thursday, January 13, 2011


It is a glorious day in Los Angeles. Mid-70s with the sun shining and the sky so clear and blue. It may be winter elsewhere but at Decades we are feeling like it "might as well be spring" regardless of seeing a crocus or a rosebud! So today seemed like the perfect day to post this ultra 70s coral colored Biba right-on-trend bell bottom pant suit with matching jersey shell. The puff shoulder and elongated silhouette of the jacket is totally signature Biba.

The influence of the 70s on fashion is all over the runways. I loved Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection. Fashion critics took notice of the Yves Saint Laurent references, but I felt there was was also an ode to Biba.

So let's get back to our Biba. We don't purchase a lot of Biba at Decades because women really wore those clothes like crazy so the condition of those vintage treasures can become a challenge. However, this ensemble is approved by Team Decades. I know we often talk about "two-fers" but this is a "three-fer".

The jacket would be brilliant with a pair of cute denim shorts. The jersey tank is really well cut, quite sexy and easy to dress up for a cocktail look. As for the pants, they are the silhouette of the season (once again) bell-bottom that hugs the derriere. The huge floppy hats Marc Jacobs showed on his runway might just be the perfect accessory to top off this "three-fer".

Biba coral viscose pant suit with shell, c. early 1970s. Marked size 12 (don't you just love vintage sizing?), modern 2 to 4 SOLD

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